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What are gamecakejams?

They are games we've made using our own Open Source GameCake Engine most are examples that you can download for free and remix for fun. The sourcecode can be found on bit bucket.
To play them in your browser, you must have a GLES2 compatible graphics card, visit http://www.doesmybrowsersupportwebgl.com/ to make sure. For maximum speed I recomend using Google Chrome or Firefox.
Lonely Bird
This game was made in one weekend for the Leeds Data Mill, National Hack The Government 2014 by Rewired State challenge in Leeds.

Lonely Bird is a game to visualise loneliness through Public Health Funeral data provided by Leeds City Council.
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A shmup, inspired by Galaga, Galaxian, Gaplus.

Juggle powerups for great success.

I made this game using the Gamecake engine as an exercise to learn lua. This is the first game I've programmed on my own as I'm the artistic half of Wetgenes so thanks for trying this out! - shi
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Bat WS Bat
The Ping of Pong. The Bonce of Bounce.

Touch screen to accelerate bat. Acceleration causes the bat to shrink. Gentle taps recommended for great success!

Hold tablet sideways and place thumbs over corners.

2 Player combat only, first to get 2 points ahead wins.
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MacGyver The Roguelike
Made for the 7 Day Roguelike game jam.
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This game exists in the twilight zone between 3D Monster Maze and Pacman.

Arrow keys or mouse/finger swipes to move. Beware of the bear. Collect sweets. The more your collect, the faster you get!

Find the key and exit.
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A pengo style arcade game.

Arrow keys or mouse/finger swipes to move.
Push the blocks by moving into them.

Squash all the aliens with the blocks to end the level.
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Made in about 3 hours of Game Cake Jammin.

Shoot your way out of those cloids lest you get an infection.
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Lemon Hunter
Made in about 3 hours of Game Cake Jammin.

You gotta stake those lemonpires!
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Made in about 3 hours of Game Cake Jammin.

Space is invading you with sharks and lasers.
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Made in about 3 hours of Game Cake Jammin.

What's going on? Cluck?
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Klondike Solitaire

It's just a card game.
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